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paper cut yahoo site answers.yahoo.com customer specifications inside and outside printing seamless cores (skived method) paper and plastic core plugs. Our team is here to help you design and manufacture the right product to meet your needs and specifications. Mailing tubes are constructed in standard shipping sizes but can also be customized if other dimensions are needed. White cone cup shape with rolled rim solo. Our paper cylinders are another attractive option thats perfect for storage, gift giving or display. In addition, GP cores provide paper shredder bullet mold improved winding and unwinding performance. The design proved to be a success and is now at its final state located at the Illinois Institute of Technology. High strength core designs, specific to each film application, with the tightest dimensional tolerances are the keys for top performing extruders and processors of packaging films. Automotive Dampers For more information: Call: Designed and engineered specifically for providing sound attenuation in drive shafts for the automotive industry. We have a large variety of production options in sizing, labeling and end closures and our products are available in a range of diameters, lengths and wall thicknesses. Its all here. Our snap-seal tubes come in several different styles, and have a crimp end that seals easily with just a pinch. Dispense oil, thinner solvents, dry cooking ingredients, bird seed dispensing. Caraustar Konva-Kore For more information: Call: Caraustar Konva-Kore carpet cores offer consistently outstanding performance including: superior beam strength with proprietary strength-enhancing adhesives nmfc certification at minimum core weight resulting in a reduced incidence of carpet roll damage grip-flap for securing carpet to core Caraustar Star-Swage. This summer I was the intern at Chicago Metal Rolled Project. Designed for stacking strength.

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Caraustar Cloth Tubes are available as either convolute or spiralwound construction. From cartons to automatic core feeders Composite Can and. A wide variety of closures are available to help create that unique package for your product to include. We provide precut cores for paper mills and a justintime delivery system that together provide lower scotch roll paper overall costs and improve mill operations through reductions in mill labor. Paper Mill Cores, easy chocolate dissert attributes of tape and label cores include.

Stable shape that is also convenient for stacking. Visiting the site with Laurel, specialty Tubes Cores shipping For more information. We saw students working hard in the heat trying to set in place the final components for their big unveiling the next day. Years of textile experience make Caraustar Yarn Carriers the superior choice for virtually all yarn and fiber processing systems. Foil Flexible Packaging Cores, convolutewound tubes that are available in a variety of nonround shapes and dimensions. To offer a very upscale appeal. Spiralwound constructions provide exceptional crush strength when required due to packaging andor handling considerations.

Gift Wrap Tubes For more information: Call: Used by manufacturers of gift wrap and other similar retail rolled goods.Rolling machines, ram bending machines, saws, and punches were used to complete the job.