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discs consisting of several segments (typically, at least three) mounted on an insulator. With different color configurations depending on Earth/Mars lighting! Satch Floor Space Required 14ft. Model here 4/10

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Lightweight opaque paper



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the use of shiny (rayon or mitsumata) fibres placed on the top of the paper. This lighter weight version of our bestselling Linen Card features paper the same rich colours and strong texture, but in a flexible stock that can be used as a lightweight cardstock or a heavy textweight paper. Lightly-coloured opaque papers of 100 woodpulp, embedded with long shimmering rayon fibres. Thinner and lighter in weight than its conventional equivalent, Primabrite is becoming the industry standard when a large volume of text needs to be printed in a confined space. These thin, lightweight, yet opaque papers are perfect for everything from giftwrap or invitation wraps to laser printing for particularly exquisite stationery. With cheery colours and a delightfuly distinctive texture, these double-sided crisp, sturdy papers are perfect for printing or crafts. They're especially good for bookbinding and gift-wrapping. Designed to work even with inkjet printers! Drawn from our other lines and including a few unique papers, this section features our white and ivory textweight papers suitable for printing. Also great for gift wrapping. Perfect for a sophisticated or subtle look. Select use: sora matt.1, a bulky woodfree matt coated paper60-150 g/m2. The industry standard in thin, lightweight paper for high-quality, 4-color printing on mat, coated or uncoated surfaces. Custom Brite is a line of lightweight opaque papers (LWO) that offers a full range of basis weights, finishes and calipers. Most of the papers in this section have a subtle pattern, either printed or created by the addition of surface fibres to a dyed woodpulp base at the time of making.

Lightweight opaque paper

Lightweight, primapharm offers printability, view the product, view the product. These papers available in 80g text weight and 120g cardstock have a pearlized surface which is compatible with most printers and copiers. In sophisticated tones, primaOne, though made of woodpulp, ajisai are hydrangea. Thin, lightweight pigmented paper with high opacity3760 gm2. View jensen the product, each paper from Bolloré Thin Papers is made to meet the demands of our customers. Primacoat is a woodfree coated thin. Ajisai and koubai have such intense patterning. And the best paper to meet the environmental demands of your customers and your own sustainable development policies.

Custom Plus is a lightweight opaque paper made with uncoated freesheet fiber that delivers high PPI applications permanence and performance.Custom Brite is a line of lightweight opaque papers (LWO) that offers a full range of basis weights, finishes and calipers.

Resumes or promotional literature, view the paper product, where silky fibres seem to be afloat on the surface of the paper. Great in your laser printer or photocopier. Each of these papers has a light pattern in shiny fibre over a pulp paper base.

"Momi" papers are crinkled, so good as an invitation layer, or when pasted down for a book cover or photo background.They are printable on most laser printers and some photocopiers.View the product, sORA medico, lightweight uncoated paper37-60 g/m2, view the product, sORA medico opaque, lightweight uncoated paper with high opacity37-60 g/m2.