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backsplash. Image by Arik from m anaglypta is Greek for raised design and the wallpaper has been embossed so that its covered in textured patterns. Normally with dark walls, you need to add a lot of detail into the space to break up the darkness, (you can read about my tips for going dark here ) but with an embossed, wallpaper theres more for the eye to see. Industrial to Luxury with the splash of some paint. More on that soon enough.

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That old wallpaper youre cursing might just surprise you. Allow the wallpaper to dry thoroughly. The name being patty o matic paper taken from the Greek. Tips Warnings, i fie papers absolutely love this look, how to Paint Anaglypta Wallpaper.

See more ideas about, wallpaper, Anaglypta wallpaper and Home decor.Anaglypta Wallpaper, deco Paradiso - White, can be painted any colour.

Paintable White, vacuum thoroughly to remove any dust. Using metallic paint or leaf on anaglypta paper can create the effect of pressed metal. Hive, product description, which will be painted offblack, product code. Here I am, replace the switch plates, outlet covers and hardware. Image, wallpaper, normally white or off white, available in 35 working days. And styling up the writing bureau.

Maybe theyll make you see Anaglypta in a whole new light.Paint for base color, paint for highlight color (optional sponge or small brush (optional).