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tape to secure the ends how to make diy paper fan together. Supplies: Wrapping Paper and/or card stock, ruler. I used a glass from my kitchen and traced circles for the centers then cut them. (This helps the paper fold nicer.). The most cost effective way is to buy rolls of how to make diy paper fan wrapping paper and simply cut them into the desired shape. He watched a lot of Martha Stewart when he was little. Repeat entire process with other 2 accordions. I think that no matter where you have the party this can bring a theme or color scheme together. You should now have a full circle. Check out all. Dress up your party or event with a stylish and easy paper fan backdrop! 15x45 for large fan). Next cut 10 circles out of your remaining sheets of scrapbook paper. You will repeat the same process with the scrapbook paper, except that each piece will make half of a fan and securing two pieces together will make the whole fan. Unfold half of fan until the ends meet. Cut out a small triangle on the downward flap (from the bottom of the paper to the center crease). You will now fan out the folds using the fold as the center point of your circle until the ends meet. I made my fans in a variety of sizes! I immediately knew that I wanted to make it for Hallies party. The next step was the most challenging for. Note: the diameter of the fan will be the same as the paper size. What will the theme be for your next party? Again, use double-sided tape to secure. Hold in place while glue cools (wont take long). Of course the conclusion could only be that I concoct a way to make it myself! Take your wrapping paper and fold it approx.5-2 inches in the length of the paper. I quickly realized making the fans was going to be a lot more expensive than I expected, so I decided I needed to get creative to cut costs. Join the two half circles together with double-sided tape at the edges. To attach them to the wall I mounted them with.

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If not, fold bottom of paper up paper towel absorbing spills and over to create the first fold. So to my trusty wrapping paper I went. I love check if paper is plagiarized easy bib what a statement the wall made. It really was pretty easy and probably took me around 2 hours start to finish to complete. Now that you have all of your fans made you will arrange your backdrop. Repeat for other half of fan.

These gorgeous hanging paper fan decorations are easy to make and.Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce.So I thought it would be fun to have a go at making our own DIY Pa per Fans.

How to make diy paper fan

You will now have a half circle paper fan. When paper I saw this pin for this adorable fan backdrop. Compress together to make fan tighter. This post contains affiliate the links, the roll was about 18 tall and I got it on the dollar aisle at Target This will make 4 large fans 14 sheets. Layer in your smaller fans gluing them to the base or the larger fans. Wow your guests at your next party or gathering with these homemade decorations. So this example would make a 12 fan. For my backdrop I used a combination.

Fold bottom of paper up and over line to create first fold.Make sure to keep your twine, string, or thread away from the tape.