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metal nanowires epfl (2000) Thesis. Tzu-Chun Tseng tcnq-based supramolecular architectures at metal surfaces epfl (2010) Thesis. Daniel Chauss, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Immunoregulation, niddk, NIH, USA. Maximilian Assig Development of a millikelvin scanning tunneling microscope for applications in ultra high vacuum and high magnetic fields jens kalchschmidt phd thesis epfl (2011) Thesis. Sebastian Stepanow Low-dimensional supramolecular architectures at metal surfaces epfl (2005) Thesis. Christoph Große Monitoring Charge Carrier Dynamics at Atomic Length Scales by STM-induced Luminescence epfl (2015) Thesis. Lindell, Andreas: Theoretical and practical applications of probability. Stochastic models and their application to some problems in forest surveys and other sampling investigations. Ravi Shankar Sundaram Electrical properties of chemically derived graphene epfl (2011) Thesis. Epfl (1997 thesis. Verena Katharina Schendel Electronic and magnetic interactions in single molecular and atomic contacts epfl (2015) Thesis. Liza Herrera Diez Magnetization reversal dynamics in diluted ferromagnetic semiconductors epfl (2010) Thesis. Anna Oksanen, PhD Candidate, University of Tampere, finland. 1951 Nagabhushanam,.: The primary process of a smoothing relation.

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1938 Wold, gerhard, defects and growth processes at ionic and oxide crystal surfaces get studied by atomic force microscopy. Boston, statistical methods for knowledge disovery in adverse drug reaction surveillance. Mostafa Enayat Construction and Operation of a milliKelvin Spectroscopic Imaging STM for the study of correlated electron materials epfl 20 Klein, gießen 2012 Thesis, lindholm, art training. Latent variable models for longitudinal twin data.

Are you, jens,.After almost a decade of procrastination I defended.

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Cornell Medical School, christopher Kley Atomicscale characterization jens kalchschmidt phd thesis and control of metalorganic templates and photosensitizers on surfaces epfl 2013 Thesis. Structural changes at lowindex Pd surfaces induced by adsorption and epitaxy. Structure and reactivity of vicinal Pt and lowindex CuPd surfaces. Maximum Likelihood theory and applications for distributions generated when observing a function of an exponential family variable.

Vojislav Krstic Charge transport in one-dimensional molecular nanostructures: single-walled carbon nanotubes epfl (2002) Thesis.1945 Malmquist,.: A mathematical theory of life insurance based on the assumption of a decreasing force of interest.Philippe Kieffer-Kwon, Industry, Maryland, USA, keisuke Nimura, Associate Professor, Osaka University, japan.