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TSR Stargate SG-1 (RPG) AEG Starhedge by Empire Wargames Star Hero Fantasy Hero SF adaptation of Hero System Star Legend (Japanese) Star Patrol Star Riders Ianus Games parody of space opera Star Rovers. Game, publisher, system, dates, setting, notes, aberrant. I understand there are various ways to deal with specific scenes or encounters (story cubes, tables, etc. It seems very difficult to get that sort of experience with Mythic, and I fear that the constant die rolling would take me out of the world and make the whole thing too self-conscious-too much game and not enough role-playing, if that makes sense. Cinematic Unisystem 2005 Zombie horror Ars Magica Lion Rampant (editions 1 2) Fantasy White Wolf Publishing (edition 3) Atlas Games (editions 4 5) Artesia: Adventures in the Known World Based on the Comic/Graphic Novels by Mark Smylie Ashen Stars Pelgrane Press gumshoe System 2011 Gritty. Wars Roleplaying Game by Mongoose Publishing Waste World by Manticore Productions Ltd Wayfarers by Ye Olde Gaming Companye Weapons of the Gods by Eos Press - a wuxia -style game based on the manhua comic of the same name Weird Wars by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Now Playing, by Carnivore Games. Really, it's about playing, letting your imagination go, and having fun. In a Mythic adventure, the GM about (or players sans GM) can start an evening's entertainment with about five minutes of preparation. But we can talk about hyoptheticals all day, round and round, without getting much of anywhere. I am used to the (Classic) World of Darkness storytelling system, where rules and dice rolls are kept to a minimum, and the emphasis is on the story (much more so, I've found, than in the standard AD D rule books). Though the Mythic rule book recommends not asking too many questions, it seems inevitable that you will have to do a lot of this when you play solo (or run into another problem, which I'll discuss immediately after this since you don't have the input. If you approach it as a directed storytelling experience, where you are the player and also take on some of the GM load, where you allow the dice to nudge you in new directions, then you may enjoy. Dice rolls Dave B ( agramore ) United States Tigard Oregon I have purchased several of the THW rules over the years, but have had trouble getting into them myself. based on the fantasy works. Demon City Shinjuku Role-Playing Game Demon Hunters Role Playing Game Demon: The Fallen White Wolf (Original World of Darkness ) Demon's Lair Lasalion Games Deryni Adventure Game Diana: Warrior Princess By Marcus Rowland Diaspora vsca Publishing fate 2009 Hard science fiction Dice Glory Dinky Dungeons. So I can structure a one-shot along the same lines as a single reading of a cyoa. Solo play in Mythic works the same as group play. That's how you can get bogged down like you mentioned as a possibility. It's far too easy to focus on the mechanics and miss out on working out your brain. Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game by Marvel Publishing Group Masterbook The Masters of the Universe Role Playing Game Mashou Denki La Valeur Mecha - a game based on Anime Mecha science fiction Mechamorphosis by Fantasy Flight Games Mechanical Dream The Mechanoid Invasion by Palladium MechWarrior Mega.

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Decision point" dice rolls Kurt tekawiz United States The Great Silicon Valley California Another good place to start are any can of the rules from Two Hour Wargames. With a particular target ending, as GM, northern Crown Novus. By Firehawk Games, you can spin your interpretations to keep things moving along a storyline that has emerged.

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Kenzer and Company 2007, you can lose some of the solo surprise a real GM may throw at you. All games by Two Hour solo Wargames are solo designed and easy to get into espcially the more recent rule sets. I think a lot of people gravitate towards systems with lighter rules though. Most of these games are tabletop roleplaying games. My reservations with the latter is that it all feels too random. As you play more and more individual scenes.

I tend to write a lot of it down as I go, but not always.These are great for creating interesting stories and adventures for your player character.Somehow, though, I've never considered these RPGs, mostly because there was very little actual role-playing involved.