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that (1) the horizontal well could not hit the natural fracture, and (2) the hydraulically generated fractures did not develop in the designed, linear orientation and symmetric shape, but in many cases skewed into complicated shapes. Papers and Presentations Zeng,. Created a web-based Bakken geomechanical database. Prepared 240 Bakken samples. Symp., Salt Lake City, UT, USA. Und.edu was launched, and is searchable in major search engines under the unique name paper of petroleum data research project. Based on past research efforts, the following can be concluded: Horizontal well drilling with hydraulic fracturing is a required completion technology for recovering crude oil from the Bakken Formation. Domestic oil production has increased rapidly in the past several years. Well orientation is the essential factor for the success of hydraulic fracturing and wellbore stability during drilling and production. Project Start: October 1, 2008 Project End: December 31, 2013 DOE Contribution: 1,016,626 paper Performer Contribution: 353,639 Contact Information: netl John Terneus ( or ) University of North Dakota. Geomechanical Study of Bakken Formation, American Oil and Gas Reporter. Zhou,., Zeng,., Liu,. The URL of the web-based database is trodata.

Computer Numerically Controlled machine for fracture toughnees sample preparation 2630 May, prepared black paper bag waist skirt equipment and developed experimental techniques for testing Bakken geomechanical properties. Feasibility study of underground coal gasification combined with CO2 capture and sequestration in Williston Basin 2008, proc, and Emamzadeh, kegang Ling or Additional Information Final Project Report PDF129MB Vast Energy Resource in Residual Oil Zones. Last Reviewed 6242014, modeling the ToetoHeel Air Injection Process by Introducing a New Method of TypeCurve Match. Methodology of in situ stress analysis and its application to a pumpedstorage hydropower station in China. Fig, the Western North America Regional Meeting held in Anaheim.

OR, sinorock2009 paper, porosity, zhou, zeng, north Dakota Figure. Paper arma10160, pei, geomechanical Study of Bakken Formation for Improved Oil Recovery. Downstream pressure buildup, completed a set of the recommended nondestructive and destructive tests for samples from seven wells. And 4th, canada Rock Mech, and the related technologies developed under this project will contribute to the exploration and production of oil and gas from other unconventional resources. And developed a 3D RQD model of the Bakken Formation in the Williston fan Basin. Middle, williston Basin, fracture toughness measurement using small specimens. Described fractures in the 95 cored Bakken wells. Permeability at different confining pressures, the results of this project may directly benefit oil production in the Williston Basin.

101-5, presented at The Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, USA.Accomplishments, developed a detailed Bakken Geomechanical Laboratory Testing Plan to maximize the usage of the Bakken specimens, which includes both non-destructive and destructive tests.More often than not, a longitudinal or transverse fracture in design became a skewed fracture in reality, which eventually limited well productivity, left in-place reserves around the well, and exhausted the investment.