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simply knead in a few drops of water to restore its pliability. Art-C Metallic Paste in gold was rubbed on the highlights, adding even more depth. After Paperclay dries, it can be sanded and carved like wood. I will be scaling this effect way back with white paint later, so its okay to go a bit overboard with dirtying up the mask. Plastic shower curtain to protect my outdoor work area. Paperclay may also be colored by kneading water base paint into it before and shaping. The small, curved scalpel got into small areas with ease, and I just had to press gently on the clay to cut. While the paint is wet you can remove some with a paper towel, or sand it when dry. Continue adding 1 drop of colorant at a time and kneading the clay thoroughly after each drop to avoid getting too strong of a color. When the mask no longer smells like chemicals, paper I bring it inside to do the rest of the painting; shading, details, etc. I let the tag dry under a stack of heavy books for about an hour to prevent warping. Pressing the paper clay well into every nook and cranny ensures that it will pick up the tiniest details. After painting, spray with a clear acrylic spray sealer if desired. You want to use as little paint as possible here; its always easy to do more and more coats of white drybrushing, but if you use too much theres no going back. I used a PenBlade #15 blade to cut the paper clay design while still wet. Mixed Media in Clay by Darlene Olivia McElroy and Patricia Chapman. As Ive mentioned in some of my paper maché articles, its important that your last layer of paper maché be brown wrapping paper, or any other solid color paper, rather than newsprint. Im a little obsessed with paper clay now, and I cant wait to make more art with.

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See paper clay spray paint what can be done with paper clay. Plaster, you can definitely see a differenceon the left untreated side. Transform paper clay spray paint the clay into gorgeous components that can look like wood.

Becky at Newly and Becky has this aged metal letters tutorial for us, and it s a bit of a Restoration Hardware hack, which we always love as budget decorators!We all know the zinc letters at Anthropologie, right?I decided to DIY them by using paper mache letters I got at Joann Fabrics.

Leaving some color in the recesses. Artful Paper Clay by Rogene Manas. I concentrate on the dents and curves where shadows would naturally appear. I brushed on a coat of DecoArt Media Burnt Sienna fluid acrylic mixed with a little water. I protect my work area with a shower curtain from the dollar store. Go now to your nearest art or craft supply store and pick some. Like around the eyes, wet left and dry right paper clay. On this piece, several different sized paintbrushes, i might do two or three coats of this kind of wash with water and black paint in the areas that need to have the deepest shadows. Acrylic paint, under the cheekbones, before coloring air dry clay, i brushed acrylic matte medium on the right side only. Which will allow it to absorb the color more quickly and evenly.