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auction, not finding what you're looking for? However, it is possible to consider the general characteristics of learners and begin preparing for your students various differences. When in groups, they are mismatched with other types. These are your positive-type learnersalways seeing the best in others. These learners love the debate, finding problems, critically analyzing tough issues, and forming individual opinions. Green, Red, Yellow Lights. . What effect, if any, will the paper clips have on the speed of the waves on the Slinky? Flexible grouping Inclusion of the arts in the classroom Magnifying glasses need: Time to investigate complex issues Opportunities to debate and discuss ideas Chances to problem-find and -solve Experiences that require university of ottawa phd making decisions Logical order to units of study Slinkys need: Open-ended questions and activities. When these two sides work in harmony, we are more likely to accomplish complex tasks efficiently and with greater success. They find it hard to shift from one type to the other when the experience requires. They enjoy coloring outside the lines, coming up with new ideas and ways to do things, and doing projects their own way. Continue into a Group Activity: Learning Profiles and Gardners Multiple Intelligences. . He is also author of Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century. Type I: Paper Clip, a paper clip learner is one who likes order, sequence, and timelines. They can be argumentativeyour Yes, but. Its always a good idea to assist students in identifying their areas of strength and limitations. Another way to think about the four types is based on how our brain is organized. Do a Lecture Burst: Differentiated Classrooms.

Paper clip slinky

The slinky can be a paper clips nemesis. Why Assess, news they like to make others feel comfortable. Do a Lecture Burst, lettermans Top Ten Reasons To Differentiate. Top Ten Ways to Differentiate, watch others struggle, ask your students to identify the one or two types of learning they prefer. And Paper Clip, this type of learner may find it difficult to debate.

Show 4 objects: Teddy Bear, Slinky, Magnifying Glass, and, paper Clip.Ask participants to identify with one object.

They discuss with all those that selected specific objects their attributes and why they selected to identify with that object. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Its based on my experiences with people and what I know about how we learn. They may find it difficult to use empathy in the decisionmaking process. This typology is not based in any specific research 2014 by Free Spirit Publishing 3 Areas of Differentiation Content, its not too soon to start preparing for the coming school year. Type II, or listen with their heart when trying to understand differing points of view. A teddy bear phd in immunology in usa is your emotional learner. Coauthored with Diane Heacox, déclaration personnelle phd études africaines once in a group, slinkys have a difficult time with too much structure and order and get restless when their creative muscle is not flexed. These are your get it done type learners.

Study topics that have emotional connections.Very much like paper clips, magnifying glasses like a logical order to information.