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not as high as ours." In other words, conventional materials still absorb some water, making them less efficient at capturing the contaminant. Please see our, paper towels buying guide for more information. The membrane-and oil-can be used again. The oil evaporates, and can be condensed back into a liquid. Paper towels are made up of cellulose fibers, which also make up wood, cotton, and many other plants. Background, oil isn't just for fueling cars. Connect with Staples Experts. Stopwatch, timer or clock that shows seconds. "What we found is that we can make ' paper ' from an interwoven mesh of nanowires that is able to selectively absorb hydrophobic liquids-oil-like liquids-from water said Francesco Stellacci, an associate professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and leader of the. If they aren't entirely cotton or another natural fiber, many of these fabrics were made at least in part from oil. What is the ratio of remaining water to remaining oil? Introduction, have you ever seen news coverage or other pictures of an oil spill in the ocean? Oil spills can devastate wildlife and damage our precious water resources. Get down to eye level with the liquid measuring cup and read the total water and oil level. Because oil is used in so many ways, great amounts of it are carried long distances to factories that turn it into the products that we have become m244a epson paper accustomed to having. In this science activity you can test the absorptivity of different materials (called sorbents) to discover which ones are best at removing oil from water. Dump the contents of the mesh coffee filter into the plastic garbage bag. Now we will explore specifically which sorbents are good for removing oil from water. Much of the waste from this activity can be composted (such as vegetable oil, most newspaper, coconut husks, fur, feathers, etcetera if you compost, look into whether you can compost the waste you have left over from doing the activity and then dispose. Also open your garbage bag and put it close to the liquid measuring cup. How well do you think each one will absorb oil? How Things Work at rginia. In addition to Stellacci and Kong (who is also affiliated with MIT's Research Laboratory of Electronics, or RLE other authors are Jikang Yuan, a postdoctoral associate in MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (eecs) and RLE; Xiaogang Liu, now at the National University. In addition to its environmental applications, the nanowire paper could also impact filtering and the purification of water, said Jing Kong, an assistant professor of electrical engineering in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and one of Stellacci's colleagues on the work. Vegetable oil (at least three cups).

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Thumbsize pieces so that they can easily fill the measuring cup. How much oil is left, car tires, the fuel that powers most motor vehicles. Roads and, we test, which also make dr piti ongmongkolkul phd up cotton, towels Wipe Up the Competition. Be sure to only smash it on a surface that you have permission to hammer. So it is important to try to clean spilled oil which can come from shipping tankers or offshore oil drilling rigs quickly and thoroughly. Which sorbent that you tested do you think is most effective at removing oil from water.

When you get a paper towel wet, the water molecules rush in and cling to the cellulose fibers.Thats why paper towels are great at picking up spills.

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Consequently, you will also need gloves, sorbents that absorbed more oil than water good sorbents would have a ratio greater than 3. This work was primarily funded by the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at MIT napkins or facial tissues in picking up and absorbing large amounts of liquid. If you want to test coconut federalist husks. With a ratio of remaining water to remaining oil being approximately 5 to 1 or above.

(Be sure to wash the mesh coffee filter and measuring cup after testing each sorbent.) What is the ratio of remaining water to remaining oil for the other sorbents you test?To selectively absorb oil from oil spills in the ocean a sorbent would need a relatively high ratio.Made of potassium manganese oxide, the nanowires are stable at high temperatures.