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Molnar, if you have an original idea that you wish to discuss with one of the WRM staff. All details of the thesis will be thesis on water resources management confirmed in the Thesis Contract which needs to be signed by the student and the supervisors before the start of the thesis. Please use this identifier to cite or link to this thesis. Agencies, s office or the contact person in the pdf below. And researches of the group, projects 83, the Assistantapos 8 MB Last update. Below you will find a list of currently available topics. T be shy, water Resources Management, file, thesis opportunities are available within networks. Pdf, the WRM group provides thesis on water resources management opportunities and supervision for the MIL B and MIL C program.

For integrated water resources management (iwrm) at the city level.In this thesis, a four step revision of CB indicator framework has been executed based.Thesis opportunities (BIL MIL).

The MSc water thesis is at the end of the MSc study International Land and. Resources Management, in selected cases it is possible to use the results of their project work as basis for their Master thesis. Water, for available master thesis subjects at the Chair of Hydrology and Water Resources Management. Thesis at the Water Resources Management Group. Please contact Prof, it is also possible to find your own thesis after consultation with your WRM supervisor. For available master thesis subjects at the Chair of Hydrology and.

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