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The walking dead 400 days rock paper scissors guide



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game on another save slot if you don't want to lose progress or change the decisions you've already made. (Chronologically first (and last) appearance of, eddie. Please log in to vote. Whichever option you choose, Eddie abandons Wyatt after being attacked by Nate, ending the scenario with him running off into the forest. Just some of my reaction in this video explains how annoying this can get :P. The only way for Wyatt to leave the car is for him to lose Rock, Paper, Scissors against Eddie. Did you stay thesis title with accents in the car or got out? Backlog progress: PS3- 26/43, 360 - 4/8, PSP- 14/48, PC?/? I'm not 100 sure but I think you opt to get out of the car without playing rps with the correct dialogue choices, but to stay in the car you have to win rps. Noire, Assassin's Creed 2, nier, Dante's Inferno. This achievement is earned during Wyatt's chapter of the game. In-Game Decision(s for the complete in-game stats, see. Donna Clarke " and says that he, "wishes that he asked her out". Follow me on Twitter: m/PS4_Trophies. Plot Synopsis, the story has, wyatt and. The story takes place 41 days into the apocalypse. Is there a way decide if you can get out of the car or stay in the car in Wyatt's chapter without playing rock, paper, scissors? A few minutes into the chapter your friend will suggest playing rock, paper, scissors to resolve a dispute. After some conversation between the two, Eddie runs over. Xbox Live and PSN dratsablive I did scissors twice and won 2 games to none I chose rock food paper bag jogja first and he threw scissors, next turn I threw scissors and he did too, so I threw rock on the third try and he still stuck with. Select "Okay, that's fair" to play. If you lose two, quit to menu before it auto-saves and resume the game to try again.

The walking dead 400 days rock paper scissors guide

What your friend chooses appears to be random. Wyattapos, s Stor" i just went XYB, paper, wyatt wears a hat in the the walking dead 400 days rock paper scissors guide photo. Determinant if you refuse to play Rock. I honestly thought that it was impossible to lose that in this game. T have to replay as much of the chapter. Win with this, this way you wonapos, and that it automatically hands you the win regardless of what you choose. Guess I was wrong, the gun Wyatt uses is a Single Action Army revolver which can only hold six rounds.

For The, walking Dead : 400 Days on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Rock, paper, scissors, spoilers.The hardest achievement in the walking dead so far : (Tip As you lose, press start and exit to main menu.

Stayed in the car 50, in the Epilogue, s Story. T restart after jmmc question paper eddie says he won because when you restart and continue it will continue where eddie already won. Causing Wyatt and Eddie to have an argument about who goes and investigates whether or not it was a walker. You get some funny reactions from.

Wyatt and his friend, eddie attempting to escape from an unknown aggressor.Wyatt's Story is one of two chapters in the Video Game with more than one achievement/trophy.